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When I was standing across the room watching its inaugural run, I noticed a steady rush of air coming out of the back of the vacuum. And it does it with about half the noise of our old bot.

Needless to say, our floors are much cleaner than they were with the Roomba. Both feature wi-fi and mobile apps the app will be infinitely more helpful for scheduling on the Roomba. The features a new proprietary optical and visual mapping system. It was the feature that impressed me most about the Neato. The Neato Botvac D80 is thorough and effective. And being able to clean your floors every day, unattended, is invaluable. If you have an older Botvac or Roomba and are looking to upgrade, the Botvac D80 hits that sweet spot of features and cost; and does it without beating your baseboards, chairs, and ankles into submission.

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Neato Botvac 80 Vacuum Cleaner - Consumer Reports

I wonder what you guys think about the newer one? So what do you think? Should I get one of these? Or either wait for even newer one to get released like the Dyson Eye which sound pretty great. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Also, the Botvac D80 does not appreciate dark floors or carpets, especially when there isn't much light. It can get confused with pathing, sometimes circling like it's drunk, and end up taking longer to complete. However, it does recover on its own — eventually. But the most important thing to watch out for are power strips, USB cables, or anything resembling a string, especially if attached to something.

The Botvac D80 cares little about power strips and extension cords. So if it pushes enough, anything plugged into that strip will be tugged along for the ride as the robot has some muscle behind the wheels.

Lamps can be pulled off end-tables, and wireless routers dragged across floors — so don't immediately blame the dog. Loose cables or low-hanging curtain cords can also end up wrapped around the brush and require attention like any typical vacuum. When the Botvac D80 has finished cleaning, it turns the fan off before making its way back to the base station to recharge. You get about an hour's worth of automated vacuuming from three hours of charging time.

There is no indicator for the dirt bin, so it's usually best to check how full it is frequently. It's a bagless design, so you pull the filter off and dump the contents. The filter itself tends to collect hair, dust, and fuzz, but the included comb-like cleaning tool makes quick work of clearing out all the attached debris. The top end of the tool has a thin, protected blade that helps to cut through hair and string wrapped around the spinner brushes. Although efficient overall, you'll still have to use fingertips to get the stuff at the ends.

The Botvac D80 works by brush and suction, picking up a respectable amount of hair, dust, crumbs, etc. As powerful as it may be, the Botvac D80 is unable to handle super-fine particles on non-carpeted floors — the kind that require dry mopping or wiping with a cloth. So even though the flat profile lets it reach under beds to scoop up all the dust bunnies, you'll need to pull out a dusting wand if you want the floors completely clean.

However, it's still super convenient to send the robot under to do all the heavy work. Overall, the Botvac D80 performs better with light to moderate cleaning jobs, such as with unsettled dust, hair, cereal, Altoids, paper shavings from making snowflakes, etc. Dry stuff. It's not really designed to go after anything wet or gummy. Anything thicker than low-pile carpeting will require a more powerful upright vacuum to get everything out, even if you're patient and allow the Botvac D80 multiple passes over the same areas. You may or may not see it, but rest assured that your bare feet will feel those remainders immediately.

The reality is that this robot is better at spinning a brush than sucking everything up. Dirt that is too thick and heavy can end up being pushed around, often over areas that had been previously vacuumed.

Neato Botvac D80 Reviews - What Is It?

The suction power also struggles where there is a transition in height, such as moving from carpet to hardwood floors, even if it's not by much. You can often find traces or lines of dirt right at the edge of a rug or tile or linoleum lip. Again, bare feet will be the judge. The Botvac D80 won't be able to get everything, but it does an admirable job at regular maintenance. Even though you'll have to manually vacuum for a more thorough cleaning, you'll spend less time overall keeping the floors neat and tidy. If your home creates dirty floors faster than you have time to vacuum it all up, the Neato Robotics Botvac D80 is more than happy to help out.

It takes longer to unpack the robot than it does to program its cleaning schedule. Although neither loud nor quiet for a vacuum of its size, it doesn't matter so much if the Botvac D80 is set to run autonomously while everyone is out of the house. This vacuum is quite capable of navigating rooms, transitioning from carpets to floors and back, and returning to the base station for charging. You'll just have to remember to try and keep areas clear first for best results. Although the Botvac D80 is new, it doesn't really offer anything totally new.

The body shape is similar to previous units from Neato Robotics. But if you're more concerned about clean floors, especially in a house with furry pets, the Botvac D80 proves its worth — empty the bin every couple of days during the working week and you'll be able to see exactly how much. Your feet will certainly appreciate it.

Neato Botvac D80 Review: Neato with a Side Brush

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