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110+ Restaurants That Offer Free Birthday Food!

I had free breakfast at Dennys and a free drink at Starbucks in addition to a free dinner at a local buffet. Using some of the other offers the remaining days this week since they did not have to all be used on the actual birthday. Now I need a free workout. What is the name of the restaurant that had the free buffet on your bday? It would be nice to know my day is coming up. I wish I had seen this yesterday to sign up for all of these!

Yes, you can safely assume that today is my birthday.

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75 Free Birthday Meals - Restaurants Offering Birthday Freebies |

Related Posts. Ron Ablang. Thanks GE. Ron — wow, if you do it and take pictures, or a video, I will post it. What is the name of the buffet and was it in Sacramento? John Ehret.

Hooray! 72 Restaurants Where You Can Get Free Food on Your Birthday

Sign up for a free meal for Ihop! I think Cousins does a free sub too. Scranton, PA. Dutch Bros coffee places gives a free beverage to anyone on their birthday. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Or perhaps, an overly-attentive manager of questionable moral! I checked my records and Olive Garden sent me a coupon for a free birthday in June ! I just got my annual coupon for a free dessert at Olive Garden.

Toys R Us you have to enroll your kids. Mine each have received birthday cards from Geoffrey and a special invite to the store to get an undisclosed treat. One thing I definitely learned from this is that the world has certainly run out of clever restaurant names. Thanks so much for providing this list! There is a dollar amount listed. I always ask for one of their loafs of bread instead which is an equivalent value.

I think the Toys R Us birthday coupon is only for kids, not adults. I keep the list as up-to-date as possible, but you may want to call ahead and make sure your nearby location participates! Thank you.

Another suggestion is Amusement or entertainment places. Hopefully some people can help you out for all to share like you did. I will check out Disneyland. I need help with the Jamba Juice free drink, when I make my account and put the birthday day off and the next 2 days. Do I have to wait a few days?

Thanks for this list btw! From starbucks you get a free drink or food item.

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Go crazy. Bath and body works might give a free signature item, if not then some good coupons. Redbox might give you a free movie rental for a night.

10 Free Birthday Meals

Dutch Bros coffee, smoothies and other drinks in the Pacific Northwest drive throughs gives a free drink on your birthday. Wow, what a huge list of freebies! I had no idea Hallmark gives you a Free Card on your birthday! A bundtlet is a personal size bundt cake, about 6 inches in diameter. They come in a variety of flavors.

In the place near me, they feature a flavor of the day and have a free sample of that flavor to help you choose. I look forward to brand new updates soon! We realize there may be some mistakes or mis-understanding on some items, so we will check the ones we want to use from your list and call the local establishments about it.

There is no reason whatsoever to blame you for that. That is completely stupid and ignorant of anyone who does do that. We definitely appreciate the hard work and time you put into this list. It answers all of our questions initially and all we have to do is to follow up on our own to confirm the offers with our locals here in BIG Texas. Thank you so much for the support and kind words!

Unfortunately this offer you have to print the coupon. Now the free donut for signing up can just use the app. The Melting Pot gives you a free order of chocolate covered strawberries. They also do this on your anniversary. Chick-Fil-A offers a free birthday cookie on the app, and periodically has other free things as well. The reason why is only these restaurants are in my locations. Your email address will not be published.

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Free Food on Your Birthday

They're some of our most popular freebie series along with some helpful guides on how to easily and quickly have tons of freebies and samples sent your way without paying a dime! And you might even laugh About New Here? If you copy this birthday freebies list, please link back to HIF with credit.

I worked hard on this list and only ask for recognition. Related Freebies and Samples! Thanks for the list! It gives me an idea of places to go. Sees Candies offers some form of birthday coupon I believe. Ulta beauty gives you freebies on your birthday as well. Every year it is something different. Tony Romas is broken sadly. They might of changed it up. I found a new link! Kmart one just sent me right to their website but no birthday thing. I forgot to mention that.

Dutch Bros Coffee gives you a free drink on your birthday just show ID.

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